Can a Lockheed Martin Employee Draw Both Social Security Retirement and Social Security Disability?

Jan 5, 2019

Understanding the Complexities of Social Security Benefits for Lockheed Martin Employees

At Advisor Research Partners, we strive to provide comprehensive guidance on various topics related to Social Security benefits. In this article, we address an important question that many Lockheed Martin employees may have: Can they draw both Social Security retirement and Social Security disability benefits simultaneously? Let's delve into this matter and shed some light on the eligibility criteria and potential considerations.

Eligibility for Social Security Retirement Benefits

First and foremost, it's crucial for Lockheed Martin employees to understand the eligibility requirements for Social Security retirement benefits. To qualify for retirement benefits, you generally need to have accumulated enough credits throughout your working years. These credits are earned based on your earnings, and you can accumulate a maximum of four credits per year. The exact number of credits required for eligibility may vary based on your age, so it's essential to consult the official Social Security Administration (SSA) guidelines to determine your specific case.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits

In the event that a Lockheed Martin employee becomes disabled and is unable to continue working, they may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. However, meeting the eligibility criteria for disability benefits is more complex compared to retirement benefits. In addition to meeting the credit requirements, individuals must provide sufficient medical evidence to demonstrate that their disability prevents them from engaging in any substantial gainful activity.

The SSA has a list of impairments that they consider severe enough to automatically qualify for disability benefits. However, if your specific condition is not listed, you may still qualify by proving that your disability significantly impacts your ability to work. This requires comprehensive medical documentation and potentially even a consultative examination.

The Impact of Receiving Both Benefits

Now, let's address the main question: Can a Lockheed Martin employee receive both Social Security retirement and disability benefits at the same time? The answer is generally no. The SSA typically prohibits individuals from receiving both benefits simultaneously.

However, there is an exception known as a compassionate allowance, which allows certain individuals to receive both benefits. A compassionate allowance is granted to those with critical medical conditions that are included in the SSA's list of impairments, and receiving both benefits can provide additional financial support during their disability.

It's important to note that if you do receive both benefits, the total amount you receive may be subject to certain limitations imposed by the SSA. These limitations aim to prevent individuals from receiving an excessive amount of combined benefits.

Seeking Professional Guidance

The rules and regulations surrounding Social Security benefits, especially when it comes to receiving multiple forms of benefits, can be intricate. Therefore, we strongly recommend Lockheed Martin employees seek the expertise of a qualified financial advisor or Social Security specialist who can provide personalized guidance and clarity based on their unique circumstances.

At Advisor Research Partners, our team of professionals specializes in helping individuals navigate the complexities of Social Security benefits. We understand how important these benefits are for your financial wellbeing, so let us assist you in making informed decisions regarding your retirement and disability benefits.


In conclusion, while it may not be possible for a Lockheed Martin employee to simultaneously receive both Social Security retirement and Social Security disability benefits, there are exceptions in the form of compassionate allowances for those with critical medical conditions. It's crucial to consult a qualified professional to understand your eligibility and navigate the complexities of the Social Security system.

At Advisor Research Partners, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of expertise and guidance to Lockheed Martin employees and individuals across various industries. Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimize your Social Security benefits and secure your financial future.


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This is very informative! It's great to know that there is guidance available on the complexities of Social Security benefits for Lockheed Martin employees. Understanding whether one can draw both Social Security retirement and disability benefits can be confusing, so this article will definitely help clear things up. Thank you for sharing this valuable information!
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