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Nov 11, 2023


Welcome to Ki Horse Med, your ultimate destination for all your equine medicine needs. We specialize in providing high-quality products that can enhance the health and performance of horses involved in various activities, including horseback riding and horse racing. Our online store offers a wide range of health and medical supplies tailored to meet the unique requirements of these magnificent creatures. With our commitment to excellence, we aim to be your trusted partner in optimizing the well-being of your horses.

The Importance of Equine Medicine

When it comes to horses, their health is of paramount importance. Just like humans, horses can experience various ailments and health issues that can hinder their performance and general well-being. This is why investing in high-quality equine medicine is crucial for every responsible horse owner or trainer.

At Ki Horse Med, we understand the significance of equine medicine in the overall care and management of horses. Our carefully curated selection of products includes supplements, medications, topical solutions, and more, designed to address a wide range of equine health concerns. Whether your horse is involved in horse racing, horseback riding, or any other equine activity, we have the right solutions to support their specific needs.

Your Source for High-Quality Equine Medicine Online

As a leading provider of equine medicine online, Ki Horse Med sets itself apart by offering an extensive range of products from trusted brands in the industry. We prioritize quality and efficacy, ensuring that all our products meet the highest standards. When you choose Ki Horse Med, you can trust that you're investing in the well-being and long-term health of your beloved horses.

Categories: Health & Medical, Horseback Riding, Horse Racing

Health & Medical Supplies for Horses

Our Health & Medical category encompasses a comprehensive selection of equine healthcare supplies. From vitamins and minerals to joint supplements and digestive aids, we have everything you need to optimize your horse's well-being. Each product is carefully formulated to promote health, enhance performance, and support the horse's natural functions.

Horseback Riding Essentials

For those involved in horseback riding, we offer a range of supplies that contribute to both the rider's comfort and the horse's performance. From saddle pads and grooming kits to protective gear and first aid supplies, our Horseback Riding category has it all. We understand the importance of a strong bond between horse and rider, and our products are designed to strengthen that connection.

Elevate Your Horse Racing Performance

If you're passionate about horse racing, our Horse Racing category brings together products aimed at optimizing your horse's performance on the track. From racehorse supplements and exercise equipment to wound care and hoof care solutions, we have everything you need to help your horse reach their full potential. Our team of experts is dedicated to staying updated with the latest advancements in horse racing to provide you with the most effective products available.


At Ki Horse Med, we are passionate about equine medicine and the positive impact it can have on horses. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our extensive range of high-quality products, makes us the go-to destination for all your equine medicine needs. Whether you're a horse owner, trainer, or enthusiast, our online store offers a convenient and reliable platform to purchase top-tier supplies that can enhance the health and performance of your horses.

Choose Ki Horse Med for all your equine medicine requirements and experience the difference that quality products and dedicated service can make. Take the first step towards improving your horse's health today by exploring our wide selection of equine medicine online!